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by Andeka, 338 days ago

The year is 2059 and a small group of unwitting researchers have begun to delve into complex analysis of the human brain. They have pinpointed certain genes, only active within children, that provide them with an elevated level of consciousness akin to that of telepathy. 

Seeing an opportunity, experiments were conducted on these children in attempts to convert their raw mental power into a sustainable and possible infinite source of power and creation, that is, turning their very imagination into physical objects.

The prospect excited them, a legitimate way to ascend beyond the capabilities of humankind and reach a new peak of evolution. 

Unfortunately, they obtained results rapidly, morbidly, and bore witness to the plausibility of their diabolical schemes.

Worse yet. Eventually. They succeeded.

It has been sixty five years since the first Host was created and now the world teeters on oblivion as the government vies for control against a never-ending stream of power-mad anarchists drunk on their new ability to manifest their imagination as living, breathing, creatures called Xenos.

Although the war has been at a standstill, a new hope has sparked in the endless plumes of smoke and carnage.

To fight fire, one must fight with fire.

A small force of highly constrained and enslaved Hosts, some willing and others unwilling, will partner with human soldiers to form a Tactical Host Elimination Squad to finally end the conflict and bring world wide control to the Inquisition.

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